In January 2016, Dan Carter finished his third two-year term as State Representative for the 2nd General Assembly District covering Bethel, Danbury, Newtown and Redding.  Dan proudly joined his fellow legislators in the House and Senate to support bi-partisan legislation aimed at giving small businesses the assistance they need to grow and create jobs.  He was also very active in the fight against overspending, tax increases and initiatives that inhibit job growth.  Carter was the Ranking Member (Republican Leader) on the legislature’s General Law Committee, and member of the Education and Finance, Revenue & Bonding committees. 

After working in healthcare for 10 years and feeling the need to serve again, in 2010 Dan stepped up and announced his candidacy for State Representative in the 2nd district.  In a tough, well-fought race, Dan beat a popular two term incumbent. The Newstimes even named Dan’s victory one of the top 10 surprises of 2010 in Connecticut. He credits his win to the message of common sense leadership he brought to the race.

Dan Carter is like many of us, a proud middle class American who knows that the United States is in need of common sense leadership.  As an officer, pilot and leader in the United States Air Force he learned to put country before self and the importance of serving others.   Dan is a graduate of Bowling Green University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and was a member of the Air Force ROTC program.  Dan later received a masters degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, where he also taught as an adjunct instructor. He was commissioned an officer in 1989 and served until 1999.

During his time in the military, Dan was a C-130 “Hercules” pilot and flew missions in Operation Desert Storm, as well as humanitarian mission over Bosnia Herzegovina.  Dan participated in Operation Provide Promise which has been called the longest running humanitarian airlift in history.  Additionally, he participated in missions supporting this country’s drug interdiction program in Central America.  Dan also served as an Instructor Pilot, training our nation's best and brightest officers. After leaving active duty, he served in the Air Force Reserve mentoring candidates for the United States Air Force Academy. His military dedication earned him the rank of Major and the Meritorious Service Medal

Dan was married on June 25th, 2016 to Jane Ann McBride and has two beautiful children, Dylan and Whitney.

Dan's Story