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Today, Americans are more frustrated than ever with gridlock in Washington. 

Politicians like Senator Blumenthal have put their own agenda above the needs of their constituents for far too long, and it’s time for a fresh approach. It’s time for integrity.

America is facing ever-changing threats to our economic, and national security and we need new solutions.

I’ve served my country in the military, and my community in government and business. I know better than most that the best policies aren’t made from behind a desk or politician’s podium. Instead, we need leaders in Washington who will take a hands-on approach to offering new solutions to the challenges we face. 

National Security & Terrorism

Sadly, recent events here in America and in cities around the world are reminders of the danger we face from enemies who wish to do us harm. These enemies know no borders or boundaries and without a comprehensive strategy America will only weaken in the face of these threats.

Unlike Blumenthal, I will not turn a blind eye to national security and terrorism by focusing on a political agenda that serves special interests. Perhaps the most egregious example of Blumenthal’s blunders is his support of the Iran nuclear deal, which benefits Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism that oppresses women and punishes members of the LGBTQ community along with Christians and even other Muslims. The deal undermines our security, as well as the security of our trusted ally, Israel.

​We need to restore our troops levels to meet both special needs of terrorism and to give our allies a sense of confidence and our enemies a sense of dread.  The military should not be a police force, but defenders of American interests to meet the challenges of China and Russia.

Barack Obama and Dick Blumenthal’s so called “terrorism” strategy has cost too many Americans their lives, and has made America and Americans, both at home and abroad, more vulnerable than ever before.  Our approach must be nimble, smart and relentless.  Dick Blumenthal was absent without leave as Obama cut our troop levels and gutted our Navy.

Dan on the Issues 

Gun Violence

I believe in the Second Amendment. I also believe that politicians in Washington and in Connecticut, including Senator Blumenthal, have used tragedies like the one in Sandy Hook and the attack in Orlando to raise money and promote their agenda, rather than solve the problem.

I served on the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group in 2013. I have experienced first hand the selfish grandstanding of politicians like Senator Blumenthal who care more about their moment in the spotlight than in enacting policies to end these tragedies.

I support a bill in the US Senate that will limit access to firearms for people who are targeted by federal authorities for suspected terrorist activity. However, we must empower law enforcement and intelligence officials to do their job and at the same time provide Americans fairness in the face of these investigations. Some watch lists included former Senator Ted Kennedy, other members of Congress and even an eighteen-month old child. We must do a better job.

Taxes & Government Spending

Senator Blumenthal voted against a balanced budget, and the national debt has increased more than four trillion dollars since his arrival in Washington.

Just like Dan Malloy, Senator Blumenthal would rather bury us with taxes than reign in government spending, growing Washington’s economy, not Connecticut’s.

We need a fresh approach and common sense solutions. Not political gridlock that only serves the privileged few.

We need a balanced budget, a fair and predictable tax code and reforms to government programs that no longer work. 


Every American should demand and expect equal opportunity to a great education.

Too often politicians like Senator Blumenthal become plagued by the agendas of special interest groups and rather than search for new solutions, rely on the same-old approach that frankly has failed.

Decisions about our children’s education should not be made top-down, by politicians like Senator Blumenthal in Washington D.C. These decisions should be made locally and from the bottom-up, by parents and teachers.

Economy and Jobs

Americans are tired of politicians creating artificial barriers to growth and picking winners and losers in America’s economy. No one has done that more than Senator Blumenthal.

We must create a fair and predictable tax code that will foster growth locally, from the bottom-up, not top-down from Washington.

Connecticut has been home to innovation and entrepreneurship for centuries, everything from the nuclear submarine and the helicopter to the hamburger. We need to eliminate barriers that are keeping Connecticut’s best asset, our people, from innovating the next best thing.

Senator Blumenthal subscribes to the Dan Malloy school of economic development - If it moves, tax it; if it breaths regulate it. Far too many people are leaving Connecticut because they can’t afford to provide their families a better life. Senator Blumenthal and Dan Malloy’s policies have crippled Connecticut’s economy for far too long and it’s time for a new approach.

As one of the wealthiest members in the U.S. Senate, Dick Blumenthal will never understand the sleepless nights so many of us have, wondering how we will pay our bills, support our families, or pay to send our children to college so they can have a brighter future. Senator Blumenthal can afford to support policies that limit access to economic opportunity for everyone, but benefit his political agenda.


We need better solutions to provide access to healthcare for everyone.

The cost of Obamacare is bankrupting working families and those who cannot afford it.  The punishing aspects of Obamacare – high deductibles, lack of providers and insurance companies, the damage to community hospitals – screams out for it to be repealed and replaced with a solution that ensures all Americans access to the best the healthcare system in the world.

We need openness and competition for health care services while ensuring that pre-existing conditions continue to be covered, that young adults can stay on their parent’s health care plans and that health insurance is portable. Having worked in healthcare sales,  I understand what patients and providers are going through.

It’s time to put the power of healthcare where it belongs – in the hands of patients and their doctors and take it away from Senator Blumenthal and his colleagues in Washington.